The Inn At Cape Cod. Location, location, location. Part One: On Foot

The Inn At Cape Cod. Location, location, location. Part One: On Foot

Our location is probably the single most important criteria considered before the average booking is made. So why do so many of our guests rave about The Inn At Cape Cod's location?

We believe the subject has a broad division between those desirable elements within walking distance and those within a reasonable car ride. We think that we score impressively on both counts. In reading this, perhaps you are contemplating staying with us for a vacation or perhaps a weekend break. Obviously, your criteria for your spring or summer vacation are likely to be much more extensive than for a short break in the Fall say.

For the moment we shall aim the information below, at would-be Cape Cod holiday-makers/tourists, and keep in mind that there is enough of interest to see and do in our locale to plan for leaving your car in our private car park for at least one day of any stay of 5 nights or more. So we'll start with the within walking distance  benefits: 

Restaurants: The Old Yarmouth Inn: 70 yds, Grill 43: 8oo yds, The Inaho Japaneese Restaurant & Sushi Bar: 350 yds. A diversity of cuisine and ambience offered by three of the best restaurants on Cape Cod,  all without the worry of the drive back! 

Beaches, waterfront etc: Grays Beach & Boardwalk : 1.7 miles. Dennis Pond  Residents Beach and fresh water lake: 550 yds (our guests have access), The Old Wharf: 0.75 mile (kayaking & nature lovers paradise).

Nature & Wildlife Preserves & Trails: Yarmouth Port Historical Society 100 acre Preserve, trails and lakes: 100 yds direct access. Mass Audubon's Long Pasture Visitors Centre, animal sanctuary, exhibits & trails: 1.5 miles

Museums: The Edward Gorey House: 0.25 mile, Captain Bangs Hallet's House: 0.25 mile

History: Captains Mile: 20 yds (48 historic landmark houses from 1650). Kelleys Chapel: 100 yds. Gorham Cobblers Shop: 250 yds.

Miscellaneous: Village Store, Hallet's Ice cream Parlour, antique and gift shops, Optimist Cafe, Happy Fish Bakery & coffee shop, Post Office.

Any one item or combination of the above will fill the one or two hour gaps and/or provide gentle relaxation in between day trips and excursions, or give you a day's break from the car. Many of our guests for example, take a swim before breakfast, or they're looking for a jogging route along the waterfront. There is often an hour or two to kill in between our full breakfast (always included in every stay) and say the morning Whale watching excursion.

For many of our guests, their preference may be to not leave the private grounds of the Inn, and they might be quite content to have that extra cup of coffee relaxing in the shade of one of our soaring trees set in our 2 acres of calm. Who can blame them - there is no pressure to do anything - Cape Cod is all about doing what you want to do, without feeling guilty that you are not cramming in as much as you can. Ater all, you can always leave plenty for next time!

Next time, we shall tell you more about things within a short drive and the attractions further afield: nothing is more than an hours drive at the most.



Posted (16-Jan-2019)

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